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Command Centre Engineer

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· HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age.
· Our technology products and services are built on four decades of innovation, with a world-renowned management philosophy, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking, and a relentless focus on customer relationships.
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HCL in Germany
· HCL in Europe began in 1999 with offices in UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, etc.
· Strong Double-digit growth in terms of revenues and headcount over the last 5 years
· HCL positioned in 10 top IT companies
· Around 1600+ resources in Germany alone; 85% German speaking
· 7 Offices and local Delivery / local Innovation Centers:
o Offices: Eschborn, Munich, Gifhorn, Hamburg, Ingolstadt
o Local Delivery Center: Gifhorn
o Innovation Center: Eschborn
· Significant investments into the German market, incl.:
o Strategic acquisition - strengthening our local delivery and creating more value to our customers (H&D, Geometric, C3i)
o Driving innovations – first HCL Innovation Center in Germany opened in September 2019
· Leading IT Services company in Germany by Lünendonk & Hossenfelder, a German consulting and market research company

List of Activities performed (but not limited) by Command Centre (CC) on Netcool
1. Alerts are acknowledged.
2. Alerts are checked with Ping, Remote Ping, Remote Trace route.
3. Remedy Ticketing is done on Alerts.
4. CC Analyst works on Alerts and performs L1 and L2 activities.
5. If issue can be resolved by L1 and L2 activities (that are in scope of Command Centre Team), then CC analyst resolves the ticket else ticket is assigned to respective support Team.

Command Centre Network Monitoring and TasksAlerts handled:
1. Router or Interface down Alert received on Tivoli Netcool.
2. Switch or Interface down Alert received on Tivoli Netcool.
3. Access Point or Interface down Alert received on Tivoli Netcool.
4. Latency at Site/ Intermittent Connection.
5. Multiple Location Alerts received in Tivoli Netcool for Node down

L1 Tasks- Acknowledge the alert. - Check the device details (like device name, IP address, device description)- Ping and Telnet the device- Check the device uptime- Check the device interfaces status and protocols- Check device logs and log date

L2 Tasks - Command Centre contact the relevant ISP Vendor and open ticket for the Circuit on Primary link for that site. - Co-ordinate with the ISP Vendor and if ISP tests clean to the Circuit then assign the ticket to the Network team for further Investigation on Primary link.- Follow-up at site or e-mail the concerned re-badge employees to check the device. If it is related to any configuration issue, Circuit issue CC will assign ticket to Network Queue.

Command Centre Windows Monitoring and Tasks Alerts handled:
1. High CPU Utilization
2. A service or driver failed during system startup
3. AD - Could Not Connect to GC] Log Directory Service; Src NTDS
4. The E: disk is at or near capacity
5. The C: disk is at or near capacity
6. Drive/Array Status ChangeL1 Tasks (for e.g.) - Take remote session of the server by MSTSC- View the Task Manager to see which process / processes / users are causing the high CPU utilization.- Monitor the incident for 2-3 hours if any process is running.- Contact the business owner to investigate if this is not normal behavior and seems out of the ordinary


Overall Experience: 1-5 years

  • Experience on ticketing tools like Remedy, Remedy Force.
  • Experience/Understanding of monitoring tools.
  • Understanding of Critical incident management.
  • Understanding of Change management.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Fast learner and process oriented attitude.
  • Experience in Ticket Auditing/ Ticket analysis and reporting will be preferred. *Tools used for monitoring Netcool – It is the Alert Monitoring tool. Various monitoring tools are integrated with Netcool like NNM, Monitor IT, OEM, TSM and GSX)ISC (Integrated Solutions Console) – ISC monitoring tool used for monitoring TSM Backup and Scratch availability

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Environment to grow technically

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