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Cloudfarms is on a mission to accelerate the digital transformation of one of the world’s most important industries: agriculture.
We are a fast-growing SaaS (Software as a Service) startup. Backed through the acquisition of Cloudfarms by BASF in 2020, we aim for a high-growth trajectory to become one of the leading digital platforms for livestock agriculture globally.
We have developed the world’s first Cloud-based solution for managing and analyzing the production data at large-scale, multi-sited pig farms. Customers in 37 countries on 5 continents use our service to improve the efficiency of their workforce and the productivity of the animals raised on their farms. Furthermore, we are developing and seeking to launch the industry’s most innovative solutions for traceability, sustainability and precision livestock farming.

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Since 2013, Cloudfarms has become a Slovak startup success story: creating and supplying the most advanced core data management solution for one of the largest agricultural sectors: the pig farming sector.

Since 2020, Cloudfarms is funded by one of the world’s largest agri-businesses (BASF Group from Germany).

Since 2022, Cloudfarms is embarking on the journey to scale up worldwide and become one of the globally leading end-to-end value chain platforms for an essential part of global food production.

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