Who we are

Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net, s.r.o. is an international company founded and based in Bratislava, Slovakia. It designs, operates and steers the joint pan-European network ("Pan-Net") of Deutsche Telekom and is a member of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

The company is an ambitious and courageous pioneer in transforming the whole telecommunication industry by setting up completely new rules of production logic proving that synergies in the Telco business can go much further. It has been established by Deutsche Telekom in 2015 as the new division with end-to-end responsibility for creating and delivering services for the national operators of Deutsche Telekom Group in Europe.

Pan-Net local entities will be set up across Europe hosting the pan-European network – consisting among others of back- and front-end data centers as well as Service Operations Centers (SOC). In 2016 the first backend data center has been established in Budapest, Hungary and the first SOC has been set up in Bucharest, Romania.

What we do

Pan-Net itself represents a truly revolutionary cross-border and cloud-based telecommunication production of the future. It moves the production logic from legacy hardware platforms into the virtual environment which is based on IP, Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization.

The company manages a common service catalogue and combines assets as well as resources to create and deliver innovative services for Deutsche Telekom’s national companies all over Europe.

Why we do it

Pan-Net will enable Deutsche Telekom to leverage synergies for superior service quality and best customer experience. Respective national operators and their customers will also benefit from faster time to market for new innovative services.

Deutsche Telekom is the only operator in Europe already building a network architecture which will enable the use of a single standardized infrastructure across national borders. Instead of developing and producing similar services and products separately in all its national subsidiaries, the company has decided to integrate the production infrastructure to one pan-European infrastructure cloud.

The essence of Pan-Net is to consolidate the national production platforms into one lean and highly agile infrastructure cloud distributed across several data centers in Europe. It will offer a fully modular but harmonized service catalogue, offering choice from a standardized set of service elements. National companies can compile and bundle these elements with local flavors or even third-party components.

Why you should join us

We offer the jobs of the future – Pan-Net is a driver for change and gives you the chance to work on one of the most exciting transformation topics of today’s Telco industry.

The company offers many exciting positions in various fields such as Technology, International Project Management, Finance, IT Implementation and more. Our international team operates cross-functional, in lean hierarchies and in a truly dynamic and innovative environment.

We are looking for talented and fresh spirits who bring along new ways of thinking and dare to be different! If you are striving for a new challenge in your professional life and if you are passionate about shaping the future of the European Telco production, Pan-Net has the right job for you.

Job search

Make yourself visible in Deutsche Telekom by joining Pan-Net! Find open positions below.
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Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net, s.r.o
Address: Jarabinkova 1, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovakia

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