Malware Analyst

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Brno, Czechia
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*The final basic wage component can be adjusted accordingly to individual skills and experience of selected candidate.

Information about the position

Job description, responsibilities and duties

ESET VirusLab watches the steps of hackers from all around the world. It is a place where we apply reverse engineering techniques to intercepted malware to reveal its hidden functionality. Even though the primary attacks nowadays are directed against the Windows platform, we pay close attention to other operating systems, including Mac, Linux, Android and some of the more exotic ones.Job description

What does working as Malware Analyst entail?

The main thrust of the job is, you guessed it, reverse engineering. You will be analyzing newly detected infiltrations and working on the technical description of code that you analyze. Your primary goal is to uncover what the given code does. In some cases this just involves figuring out whether the code is malicious or not. In other cases, you will need to drill down to the details, uncovering more of what it actually does, how it does it and for what aim it was designed. This information is crucial for proposing detection and “cure” algorithms. Often, you will find yourself doing some detective work, pondering what’s behind entire malicious operations. And it is not entirely out of the question that in some cases, you will be cooperating with the police, CERTs or the victims of cyber attacks themselves.

Where does Malware Analyst work?

Infiltration analysts work in the Security Research Laboratory, which we refer to simply as VirusLab. Some of us work on analyzing malicious code, others track entire malicious operations, looking at how they function. Other colleagues are involved in detecting malware through signatures, which are hard for malware writers to evade. Our analysts and engineers have extensive experience with reverse engineering techniques, and analysis and detection of malicious code on a range of operating systems, including Windows, OS X and mobile platforms. Our teams comprise experts on online threats, software vulnerabilities and exploits which are used by malware writers to infiltrate and abuse systems.

Technologies used in the job

As an infiltration analyst, these will be the tools of your trade: IDA Pro, OllyDbg, Hiew, WinDbg, SysInternals tools, SQL, JIRA, Confluence, Git

The advantages

You will have an opportunity to learn something new, in a field mastered by only a handful of people.

Employee perks, benefits

Bottomless drinks for all! Enjoy coffee, tea, juice or mineral water and other beverages to your heart’s content.

You will not go hungry. For each working day at ESET you will receive meal vouchers, fully reimbursed by the company. And should hunger strike during the day, you can grab a healthy snack in one of the kitchenettes.

Whether you commute by car, tram, bicycle or by foot, you are entitled to a transportation allowance once on board with ESET.

We support your personal development to help you grow on the job. You can attend a number of training courses, presentations, professional conferences and, best of all, you can improve your language skills, compliments of ESET.

We don’t want you to spend the whole day sitting behind a computer. Head out to the fitness center to lift the body and spirit.

We think family comes first. That’s why for your life’s milestones, such as wedding or birth of your children, in addition to our warmest congratulations, we also give you a financial contribution.

Even though we don’t have the fountain of youth, we can offer the next best thing – we contribute to your retirement savings.

Work hard, play hard. This is what we believe in and that’s why we organize a number of events for our employees throughout the year to relax and enjoy leisure time together.

Information about the selection process

Requirements for the employee

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Primary education

Educational Specialization

Education is not important

Language skills

English - Intermediate (B1)

Personality requirements and skills

Are you cut out for the job?

A diploma is neither a sufficient nor a necessary precondition to succeed with us. We think that what really makes a good analyst is the ability to understand code written by someone else. To be able to do this, we often use assembler, so being well-versed in this regard is a must if you want to join our team. Given that the hackers have chosen as their area of operations nothing less than the entire globe, it is also useful if you are comfortable using English. And last but not least, to keep pace with the bad guys you should have a healthy appetite for continuing to learn new things.

Requirements in short:
- understanding of windows internals
- experience with reverse engineering/debugging
- understanding of assembler

Nice to have/optional:
- programming (any language)
- knowledge of Linux, mobile platforms


Brief description of the company

The beginnings of ESET date back to 1987, when two young programming enthusiasts, Peter Paško and Miroslav Trnka, wrote a program for the detection of one of the world’s first computer viruses. They did not know that they had created one of the most successful antivirus programs in the world – dubbing it NOD. In 1992, together with their mutual friend Rudolf Hrubý, they formally established ESET.

What started as the brainchild of a few friends has evolved into the most valuable international brand of any Slovak company. Today ESET’s NOD32 technology protects over 100 million users across the world.

This success did not come overnight. The company’s global success and growth was given a boost in 1998 with its first “VB100” award from the prestigious Virus Bulletin magazine. Since then, we’ve received this accolade more than 100 times.

Today, over 1,600 employees around the world drive the company’s success – a telling increase from 3 in 1987 and 135 in 2006. Almost 900 of them are based in Slovakia, the home of ESET headquarters.

Throughout the company’s expansion, we have stayed true to the principles on which we were founded, and we remain independent in order to continue to meet new challenges.

Number of employees

1000 an more employees

Company address

ESET, spol. s r.o.
Aupark Tower, 16th Floor, Einsteinova 24
851 01 Bratislava
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