Project Manager (Scrum Master)

ESET, spol. s r.o.

Place of work
Bratislava, Slovakia (Job with occasional home office)
Contract type
Wage (gross)
From 2 300 EUR/monthPerformance bonus 2 times per year up to 16,67% of the basic salary paid for the evaluation period (usually 6 months).

Information about the position

Job description, responsibilities and duties

Scrum Master is an experienced coach and facilitator of one or multiple agile teams, with an experience from agile and scaled agile development environment. Scrum Master has practiced this role for few years, got knowledge & experience from agile development environment, ensuring that the agreed agile process is being followed.

He/She builds a critical mass of support for Lean-Agile mindset, collaboration, continuous integration and continuous delivery, test practices & built-in quality principles in general.

The role is suitable for a creative and strategic thinker with the ability to influence, build trusted relationships across team, or teams, the organization, deal constructively with conflict, and adapt to a fast-paced environment.

Job Description:


• Help the team to get rid of impediments.
• Introduce agile metrics for the team as catalysts for change.
• Utilize business intelligence tool to establish concept of agile metrics in teams & in the organization.
• Support adoption of agile framework used in the company by coaching other SM, stakeholders and other non-agile teams on effective interactions with agile teams & communities of specialists in the company.
• Facilitate Daily Stand-up, Planning, Review & Retrospectives for the team or several assigned teams.
• Encourage data-driven improvement according metrics on Retrospective.


• Support key values & principles of the Agile Manifesto.
• Coach team members
• Mediate through conflicts.
• Help the team to make decisions.
• Foster the team’s self-organisation.
• Mediate the general conflict of goals between team (high technical quality) and product owner (more features).
• Facilitate the team’s progress toward team's goals

Learning & Continuous Improvement

• Gain and actively exchange experience & knowledge with other Scrum masters in the organization.
• Participate actively in guilds & community of practices.
• Consult team members regarding Agile.
• Give feedback to the team.
• Encourage the use of continuous integration, automation & Built-in Quality activities in the team and actively participates on improvements.


• Support Product Owner in his/her efforts to manage the backlog and guide the team while facilitating a healthy team dynamic with respect to priorities and scope.
• Help to write & split big user stories.
• Support consistent estimating to establish normalized estimates and helps the team understand how to estimate Stories.
• Keep product backlog in healthy condition.

Process & Quality

• Help the team to maintain their Scrum tools (Sprint backlog, Product backlog, Boards, metrics, etc.).
• Help team and product owner to use common Definition of Done & Definition of Ready.
• Encourage the team to sugest improvements of common Definition of Done established in the organization.

Employee perks, benefits

• Support in personal and professional development - opportunities to attend various trainings, courses, conferences or meetups
• Attractive financial bonus paid twice a year based on your performance
• Financial support in case of life milestones (wedding, childbirth)
• Complementary retirement savings contributions
• Fully covered 7 EUR/per day meal vouchers
• Wide range of benefits in sport, healthcare, culture, education and other areas
• "Refer a friend" benefit - the opportunity to receive a financial bonus when referring a friend for an open vacancy
• Available home-office days - 12 days per month (in SR)
• Fully-paid 3 sickdays
• Loyalty program - extra vacation days and financial bonus after working at ESET for 5 and more years
• Mind & Soul program - free helpline and counselling in personal and professional development
• Sport activities support – possibility to participate in various races, bike cages, bikes for rent
• Fresh fruit, tea, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages - you can find them all in every kitchen
• Casual, friendly, open culture with no dress code
• Participating in company events
• Opportunity to use company common areas (terrace, relax zone, library) for a chill time and meetings with colleagues
• Volunteering and opportunity to participate in various CSR activities

Requirements for the employee

Candidates with education suit the position

Follow-up/Higher Professional Education
University education (Bachelor's degree)
University education (Master's degree)

Language skills

English - Upper intermediate (B2)

Experience in the position/sector

Work Experience 2+ years of professional experience as a Scrum Master

Personality requirements and skills

Education and certification

- Certified Scum Master, e.g. CSM by Scrum Alliance, SAFe Scrum Master, or any relevant scrum master certification (even SAFe Advanced Scrum Master)
- Experience of coaching Agile teams
- Experience of agile development environment

Tools and SW

- Great knowledge of software application used for project management & issue tracking in the company (i.e. JIRA).
- Great knowledge of business intelligence tool to establish concept of agile metrics of development teams (eazyBI).
- Great knowledge of Documentation & Collaboration Systems (i.e. Confluence) used in company.
- Good knowledge of online facilitation tools (i.e. MURAL)
- Good knowledge about of SDLC in the company.
- Great working knowledge of SCRUM & Kanban or other Agile methodologies, ideally also scaled agile methodology.
- Great knowledge of agile and Lean values, principles & practices.
- Great awarness & konwledge about development teams & their structure in company (applicable if for development team)
- Good knowledge of business intelligence tool to establish concept of agile metrics of development teams (eazyBI ,...).

Personality characteristics

- Good Servant Leadership - coaching and mentoring without line management
- Lean - Agile/Growth Mindset - Failures are part of the game when trying new ideas and conducting experiments. The Scrum Master coach the team to accept failures and encourage them to keep learning from them.
- Lean Thinking - The Scrum Master observes and helps the team identify & remove any waste in the process and create lean approach to develop and deliver customer value.
- Leading and Facilitang Change - The Scrum Master must develop finesse in leading change. Inspiring the team members to continuously improve their processes and practices requires excellent facilitation skills + inspiration. The Scrum Master is a change agent that guides the Scrum Team and the Organization on their journey to improve Agility, learning, and growth. The Scrum Master gets everyone's buy-in to make the change and ensure the change is positive in nature.
- Creativity - The Scrum Master must become creative when helping the team solve impediments, designing Sprint Retrospectives & bringing change ideas by asking the right questions. More damage is done by Scrum Masters telling the team what to do and giving them the answers. An effective Scrum Master may empower the team to think and solve their challenges.
- System Thinking - Ability to see connections of various components and resultant overall system. Helps avoid local optimization and enables the Scrum Master to take a holistic view of the complete organization as a system.
- Adaptability - If the Scrum Master can herself adapt swiftly to the changing organizational system, and team's needs, she will be able to inspire the same behavior within the team.
- Negotiation - Creating a win-win situation is the only way to win in the long term. Negotiation is also termed as Interpersonal decision making. The Scrum Master should facilitate such decision making among the Product Owner and the Development Team, the PO and the Stakeholders, and the Scrum Team and the leadership.
- Communication skills - Any effective Scrum Master should know how to convey their thoughts and ideas to others may it be a Scrum team or their clients. Communication is one of the key skills which connects a Scrum Master boldly to their clients as well as to the Scrum team they are working with. It is very important that there is no communication gap as it leads to misunderstanding in business.
- Listening skills are also a part of soft skills which decides whether you really communicate as a Scrum Master or just put orders on others like a boss. So, it is better to listen first followed by sharing ideas later as a successful Scrum Master.
- Teaching skills – A good Scrum Master should be an excellent teacher who knows perfectly how and when to teach and coach Scrum framework and techniques. A Scrum Master needs to guide the co-workers and the Scrum team they are working with to follow an Agile system properly especially to the team that is new to the Scrum processes. Scrum Masters should know how to teach the Scrum team they are working with to accept failure and also encourage them to keep learning from the bad experiences.
- Empathy - The ability to understand the other person's situation and show them that you care.
- Emotional Intelligence - The ability to self-regulate, be self-aware and socially connect with the team members at a deeper human level allows the Scrum Master to build a long-term relationship and create a healthy work environment. Due to the rapidly changing nature of complex work that requires intense collaboration among the entire team, it is important that the Scrum Master is adept at emotional intelligence.


Brief description of the company

The beginnings of ESET date back to 1987, when two young programming enthusiasts, Peter Paško and Miroslav Trnka, wrote a program for the detection of one of the world’s first computer viruses. They did not know that they had created one of the most successful antivirus programs in the world – dubbing it NOD. In 1992, together with their mutual friend Rudolf Hrubý, they formally established ESET.

What started as the brainchild of a few friends has evolved into the most valuable international brand of any Slovak company. Today ESET’s NOD32 technology protects over 100 million users across the world.

This success did not come overnight. The company’s global success and growth was given a boost in 1998 with its first “VB100” award from the prestigious Virus Bulletin magazine. Since then, we’ve received this accolade more than 100 times.

Today, over 1,800 employees around the world drive the company’s success – a telling increase from 3 in 1987 and 135 in 2006. Almost 900 of them are based in Slovakia, the home of ESET headquarters.

Throughout the company’s expansion, we have stayed true to the principles on which we were founded, and we remain independent in order to continue to meet new challenges.

Number of employees

1000 and more employees


Contact person: Zuzana Jakubčeková
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