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Evidence Prime is a Canadian-Polish healthcare AI tech company with offices in Hamilton/Canada (sales/management) and Krakow/Poland (R&D lab).

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We are all patients.
Evidence Prime creates AI that helps to preserve the most precious asset – human health. Laser AI is a computer system that synthesizes available knowledge about a given health problem continuously and with minimal human involvement accelerating the research and improving its quality.

We work for and with some of the most influential healthcare organizations in the world, including WHO, EU Commission, Cochrane, multiple governmental health agencies in Europe and both Americas, universities, medical associations and big pharma.

For last 7 years we actively help evidence, not assumptions, politics and advertisement, drive the decisions about our health.

Evidence Prime is a Canadian-Polish spin-off of McMaster University (Canadian university, one of the top medical schools worldwide). The company has created and operates GRADEpro, the leading worldwide system for authoring medical guidelines and clinical practice guidelines (used by more than 75,000 users).

Evidence Prime provides a flexible and friendly international work environment. Our main development office is in the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland, but we work in a virtualized environment, where the office is an asset that the team can use, not an obligation. Also in the post-COVID world.
The team members can work remotely, we provide equipment, software, and processes - we expect engagement, openness, honesty, and participation in the implemented lean processes (including participation in the daily/weekly standups, code reviews, etc.).

There is a flat organization in the company, with dynamic teams and roles, matching the person's skills and development plans with the company's needs. We highly value feedback and initiative. The primary language of the company is English (other languages, including Polish, are welcome, but not obligatory).

We use Kanban as our method of choice for software development.

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