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The International Investment Bank (IIB or the Bank) is a multilateral development institution that promotes social and economic development, prosperity, and economic cooperation between its member states. Main directions for its activities are the support of the small and medium-sized businesses and participation in financing socially significant infrastructure projects. The members of the Bank are the Republic of Bulgaria, Hungary, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Cuba, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Romania, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. The headquarters of the Bank is in Moscow.
Since the foundation of the Bank in 1970 our team has always been multinational and we are proud of this fact. Thereby we pay special attention to the work with our personnel.
The corporate culture of the Bank assumes responsibility for its employees, the creation of a motivating climate and strengthening the team spirit, providing opportunities to expand professional capacity. Our employees are differentiated by the social and business ethics, respect for human rights, high professionalism and drive to achieve excellence.

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