Charakteristika společnosti

Klimosz Sp. z o.o is for many years proven brand in the market of heating technology in Poland and in Europe. The company is one of the largest distributors of cast iron boilers Viadrus for solid fuel and automatic biomassboilers Klimosz.
The company also distributes green energy sources like heat pumps, solar collectors and modern boilers for biomass. The offer is completed by steel radiators "Quinn" and water heaters and acumulation tanks "Dražice" and unique condensing boilers VIADRUS NAOS and Dutch "Coopra" under its own brand, which supports the use of modern technologies and renowable energy in the heating process.
Dynamic and thoughtful development of the company for many years, is based on best suited offer to the needs of customers, consisting of the highest quality products, supported by professional service. The company "Klimosz" has more than 500 distribuitors and more that 30 in Europe.