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Our goal are perfect, individual surfaces for our customers – this is exactly what has been driving us for 40 years. As a passionate service provider and innovative technology partner, we want to achieve the decisive edge – with the highest craftmanship and revolutionary technology, with attention to detail and a wide range of services.

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The Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH is a company operating Europe-wide and based in the Stuttgart area with over 80 employees, almost 5.000 m² of production space and more than 1.000 customers. We bundle virtually all service areas relating to the surface of tools, moulds and components:

Laser texture & surface design, surface technologies, laser- and TIG-welding, laser- and CNC-engraving and the repair of cast parts. In addition to the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, cosmetics and packaging sectors, the focus is particularly on the automotive industry.

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