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Role Description

The Business Modeler is responsible for transforming business information into models (most often logical data models) and managing the enterprise data model. The emphasis on this position is the "modeling of the business" that is required for a successful data warehouse. This goes beyond the role of a typical application level "data modeler" in that it requires modeling from an “enterprise perspective” rather than from a single business function perspective. The Business Modeler is proficient in industry standard techniques for process modeling and data modeling. Within data modeling, the Business Modeler must be proficient in 3rd normal form relational modeling. Dimensional modeling experience would be a strong added value for online analytical processing. This role must be experienced in group facilitation with participants from diverse business functions and work skills. The Business Modeler may be the Lead Consultant on a project. The Business Modeler is responsible for the design and instantiation of the physical data model, based on the logical data model. This includes creating the base tables, associative tables, and views, and choosing and creating all indexes.

Key Areas of Responsibility

• Prepare process models in accordance with the guidelines/conventions of designated process modeling methodology, includes creation and maintenance of process descriptions and glossary of terms.
• Facilitate the exposure of process data from functional experts and the user community.
• Provide mapping between existing process and proposed replacement processes.
• Design and normalize the logical data model to third normal form.
• Facilitate the discovery of entities, attributes, relationships, and business rules from the functional experts and the user community.
• Prepare fully refined data models in accordance with the guidelines/conventions of the IDEF or equivalent methodology.
• Develop and manage data models and associated metadata for the enterprise.
• Maintain and publish project business rules and the associated enterprise data dictionary.
• Create the physical data model with a data modeling tool like ERwin, PowerDesigner, etc.
• Modify the physical data model for efficient data access paths.
• Generate and execute DDL to create databases, tables, and views.
• Identify and create primary indexes, partitioned primary indexes, secondary indexes, join indexes, and all other needed indexes.
• Identify statistics columns, and create and execute collect statistics statements.
• Identify and create necessary associative tables, data constraints, and multi-value compression.
• Recommend and establish standards, guidelines, and procedures for design and maintenance.


• In depth knowledge of business processes and business information models.
• In depth knowledge of modeling methodologies and techniques.
• In depth knowledge of the Erwin/PowerDesigner data modeling tool.
• In depth knowledge of facilitation and conflict resolution processes.

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