AT&T has been active in Slovakia since 2002 and our team has continued to grow since then, and now boasts over 3100 people. Today, we have four centres ― three in the capital, Bratislava, and one in Košice. For AT&T, Slovakia holds great appeal: a highly-skilled educated workforce and an investment-friendly economy in the heart of central Europe that boasts an enviable quality of life.

The work we do here meets the needs of multi-national corporations worldwide and focuses on sales, customer service management, service delivery and assurance in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Like Brno, the centres in Bratislava have evolved into Worldwide Customer Service Centres ― part of a network of locations that support our customers wherever they are. In addition our specialist centre in Košice supports customer care, router configuration, network engineering and supply management.

  1. AT&T Customer Care Agent (Ref. No.: 152035)
    Letna 45, Košice
  2. Account Manager - Specialist (Ref. No.: 152271)
    Aupark Tower, Einsteinova 24, Bratislava
  3. Network Engineer – Service Delivery DTAC
  4. Linux Server Architect - Tech Lead
    Karadzicova, Bratislava

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