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Our Story
Emage Vision was founded in 2011. Our story started when our machine vision solutions gave “eyes” to industrial machines.

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With the advent of smart manufacturing, Emage Vision saw an opportunity to provide solutions to transform manufacturing.

In 2016, Emage Vision started to look into developing AI solutions to help our customers’ improve their manufacturing solutions. In 2019, our Machine Learning software was adopted and integrated to our major customer’s manufacturing lines.

By then, our solutions had encompassed the “eyes” and “brains” to industrial machines.

In 2020, we prototyped a humanoid. This enables us to incorporate “touch” into our suite of solutions.

By incorporating machine vision, AI and humanoid, we give ‘eyes”, “brain” and “touch” to help our customers in their quest to enlarge the footprints in their smart manufacturing efforts.

Today, we are headquartered in Singapore with R&D centres and field operations across Asia, Europe, and US. Our organisation is dedicated to relentless innovations, delivering to our commitments and support to our customers.

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