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We are a company of IT professionals, deploying Webswing on a daily basis. Webswing has been improved and extended to its current state for more than 4 years. With Webswing we are busy all day long and are helping our clients to find new markets and dimensions of their existing Java applications. Our team of professionals with experience from many Webswing projects will move your business further.

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What is Webswing?
Webswing is a web server that allows you to run any Java swing application inside your web browser using only pure HTML5.

The best days of swing framework are gone. Desktop applications lost popularity and everything is forced to be online and mobile. But what about existing application? Using applet technology proved to be insecure, and rewriting the application to web is too expensive. This is where Webswing can help you. With Webswing, your application is securely running on a server and a user's browser only displays the application window. All this without changing a single line of source code.

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